Consulting - support and assistance missions

Openings and Creations

We provide full support to your project of opening or creating a new hotel or restaurant, including:

  • Market Analysis - Concept Definition
  • Real Estate , Construction and Decoration
  • Product Set Up and Logistics
  • Staff Hiring and Training
  • Sales, Marketing and PR
  • Pre-opening
  • Opening Assistance

Through our partnerships we create specific teams of international experts, dedicated exclusively to and focused on your project. All our services are tailor-made.

Classical Consulting

Entirely focused on enhancing your success, we offer you values and a culture of refinement and Excellence, in-depth knowledge of the operations and markets and the outstanding quality of our experts and partners. Our expertise lies in providing your hotels and restaurants with the service knowledge, strategies, mechanics, and procedures needed for running the day-to-day operations. We use creative problem-solving to coordinate, facilitate, and balance your hotels and restaurants service systems for the smoothest operations, at the highest level. All possible solutions are considered before implementation of any new service plan in order to streamline performance, increase profits and achieve Excellence. At Montdôme International, we are prepared and qualified to offer you the benefit of our many years of successful experiences in prestigious hotels and restaurants all over the world.


For your specific event or long term project, Montdôme International helps you make it a really unforgettable and unique operation by bringing to you the world’s best Michelin starred Chefs. These exceptional artists not only seek to fulfill all the senses completely through their culinary creations but their gift of communication, of sharing values and an acute perfectionism makes them a rare, sought-after élite.
Together, we will select the Chef whose culinary style, personality and reputation will contribute most effectively to the success of your business, in accordance with your requirements. Let us bring to your operations the unique brand of mastery that reflects Excellence in each and every detail.

Unique Menus

Montdôme International experts discreetly dine at your restaurant and stay at your hotel, reviewing all the points related to the overall experience’s quality and comfort.

Everything is observed and evaluated objectively with the educated palace and the experience of a former Michelin Guide Inspector.

A final report noting areas of strength and weakness will be provided in great detail within 48 hours of the operation’s evaluation. This report will contain useful information geared not only for upgrading and improving the hotel and restaurant service but also for benchmarking the restaurant’s culinary level with the best restaurants in the world.

Example 1: A high end, fine dining restaurant in New York, who aims for the highest notes in the gastronomic guides and critics, keeps on top of the concurrence by using our discreet and highly skilled services.

Example 2: In Brussels, we provide the European headquarters of an international five stars hotel chain with monthly reports of the levels of Excellence in service and food quality achieved by their operations in Southern Europe.


Do you want to get the full picture of where your hotel or your restaurant is standing in terms of food quality and overall guest service? Montdôme Internationals’ audits will focus on the gap between the current situation and the opportunities you have to achieve Excellence and go beyond your guest’s expectations.
Our specialists will work with you to design a tailor-made, objective audit which will allow you to rely on a strong, strategic decision-making aide.

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